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5 Military-Grade Ghillie Suits for Various Environments

Military-Grade Ghillie SuitsGhillie suits, also termed as "yowie suits," are a specialized form of of camouflage clothing designed to resemble heavy foliage. In essence, ghillie suits are composed of a cloth or net garment covered in loose strips of twine/cloth, burlap, and occasionally designed to look like twig and leaves like that of the surrounding environment's foliage from the environment. 

Hunters and military personnel alike wear camo ghillie suits to blend into their surrounding and subsequently conceal themselves from their targets or enemies.

There are a number of military-grade ghillie suits to reflect specific conditions and environments. The colors and foliage of ghillie suits can be tailored to suit multiple environments, ranging from snow and wintry conditions, heavy woodlands, arid desert environments, swampy wetlands, and urban settings. This article focuses on different types of military-grade ghillie suits for various terrains.

Snow Ghillie Suits Snow Ghillie Suit

Snow ghillie suits are designed to give tactical advantages in terrains such as snowy mountains or heavy arctic conditions. The mostly-white suits are utilized when the user (such as a military sniper) is in a region fully covered with snow. They are made of synthetic thread for comfort, and one can have them over any coat or jacket in the snow since their fabrics have soft mesh.

Dual color winter suits are great for environments that experience partial snow. Most snow ghillie suits come in 1 and 2 set pieces and in M, L, XL and XXL sizes. Military-grade snow ghillie suits have drawstrings around hood, waist and ankle for tight fitting around body thus protecting the body from cold temperatures.

Desert Ghillie Suits

Desert ghillie suits are designed utilizing lighter materials for the user to function optimally in the hot setting of a desert, which can be perilous. Desert ghillie suits are usually light tan with bits of brown and black. They are designed to blend into desert like setting.

A standard military-grade desert ghillie suit is 5% black and 95% tan. Some are however full tan in color. They have meshed base layer which allows for ultimate airflow throughout the suit. Furthermore, use a high quality synthetic lightweight thread that is interwoven and sewn onto base layer in their construction.

Woodland Ghillie SuitWoodland Ghillie Suits

Woodland ghillie suits are blended with predominantly brown and green colors. Most military-grade woodland ghillie suits consist of green, black, and brown shades. There are approximately 30% brown and 70% green shades, with black mingled in. Woodland ghillie suits are made of nylon mesh fabric and are often full size jumpsuit style to make moves comfortable for user.

Environments with more foliage and heavy leafy bushes demand you taper down brown shades whereas heavily wooded and branched needs one to increase brown shades to even fifty percent. Darker wooded environments call for a darker and gray ghillie suit. Obtaining threads in various relevant colors will allow customization of the suit with season variations.

Ghillie Suits for Swampy Wetlands

These types of military-grade ghille suits are usually waterproof. The user settles upon that color that perfectly blends with water (e.g. gray, dark green, brown.) The thread used to knit ghillie suits for swampy wetlands are water proof to best ensure the wearer is comfortable while immersed in wet conditions for extended peroids of time. Although these military-grade ghillie suits are not quite as popular as other military ghillie suits, they offer incredible advantages given the harsh conditions in which they're needed.

Urban Camo Ghillie Suits

Urban camo ghillie suits are specifically designed to match diverse urban environments. Most military-grade urban camo ghillie suits are made of lightweight synthetic fiber and includes jacket, pants, rifle cover and hood. Also common with urban camo and many other military-grade ghillie suits are ghillie wraps for rifles and weapons. These rifle ghillie wraps are intended to the weapon to blend in urban landscape. Its shaggy appearance obscures outline thus difficult for human eye to spot the military.

Last Word About Military-Grade Ghillie Suits

Most high quality military-grade ghillie suits are typically made by hand. Although we offer many different military military-grade hillie suits for sale, most military snipers construct their own ghillie suits. Proper camouflage require utilizing natural materials present in the environment in which the military soldier is to operate. 


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