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The Advanced Systems Used to Build Today's Military-issue Boots

Top quality military-issue boots are an essential aspect of today’s military personnel. The terrain in which soldiers embrace constantly varies, in addition to climate and application in which cretin troops face.

Advancements in the technology used for military boots not only make soldiers more effective in the field, but also safe and more comfortable. Military boots protect the feet from elements like moisture, all the while delivering the much needed support to adapt and thrive. Military Issue Boots

In this article, we highlight some of the most important technologies and systems used in today's military issue boots for sale on the market.



Cordura is an advanced fabric that's known for its exceptional durability and resistance to abrasions and scuffs. Cordura is tailored from nylon, make most "uppers" on military boots (the most common application of Cordura) tear resistant, lightweight, and highly durable.



Common in many other boots beyond military-issue boots, Thinsulate™ is known for "warm without bulk" boots and footwear products. With Thinsulate's micro-fiber design, the insulation of Thinsulate-made boods are ideal for trapping and retaining body heat. This offers an exceptional solution for cold weather combat situations.



As one of the most common systems in today's market of military-issue boots for sale, GORE-TEX® offers reliable waterproof protection that's versatile in various climates. As a highly breathable fabric GORE-TEX is designed to detract water and moisture from entering military boots while allowing perspiration to escape. This highly desired combination of both insulation and breath-ability keeps feet dry while maximizing comfort.


Specifically engineered for the extreme and varied demands of military-issue boots. MeraMAX® is a durable outsole made from polyurethane elastomer. Applied to many different types of military boots, MeraMAX promotes a boot design that's lightweight, heat and flame resistant, slip resistant, flexible, shock absorbing, and highly comfortable.


Most of today's military-issue boots for sale on the market are designed with these advanced systems of footwear technologies. To learn more, you can check out Military Uniform Supply's military boots for sale, which is our parent company of military products. There you can learn more about various types of military boots and the ideal applications used for each.


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