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Different types of military uniforms are worn by specific branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. Each military uniform differs depending on the branch, thus defining specific attributes and qualities ranging from the type of material to the camouflage pattern.

Below we go into detail about the various U.S. Military uniforms, and what makes them unique for each branch. Many of these can be found here at SupplySergeant.com or at our parent company website Military Uniform Supply.

Army Combat Uniform (ACU)

Army Combat Uniform (ACU)The Army Combat Uniform (ACU) is the standard uniform used by the United States Army for the field. It has a Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) that combines green, tan and gray in digital camo pattern. 

United States servicemen use this military uniform for urban, desert, and woodland settings. The complete uniform is worn with a specific type of t-shirt, pants, jacket, black headgear, and tan military boots. Servicemen can also be required to wear matching caps, but the type of headgear is determined by the commander in charge of the unit. All soldiers are permitted to wear the ACU regardless of their unit.

Standard ACU: Common Military Uniforms

Standard ACU is worn by all soldiers in the army including the National Guard, Active, and Reserve servicemen. It is worn with a black beret where a soldier’s skill badges are pinned. Soldiers in the standard uniform are also required to wear a Velcro-backed ranked insignia.

Soldiers wear tan t-shirts under their jackets. A tan belt is also part of the uniform. Black or green socks are worn with the standard ACU uniform. Combat boots complete the military uniform for all army servicemen. The only exception for the footwear is for soldiers who are pregnant or injured.

Desert Marine Uniform Desert ACU Military Uniform

The Marines wear a distinct camouflage pattern for use in desert environments. The uniform includes a hat, which is part of their utility uniform. It is different compared to what is worn by other army servicemen because it has eight corners and sides. Marines wear brown undershirts with their desert camouflage. Their trouser cuffs are rolled back and tightened over their boots.

Unlike other servicemen, the Marines do not have rank insignia, and their utility jackets do not have devices. The only item on the front of their utility covers is an Anchor, Globe, and Marine Corps Eagle emblem. Marines are expected to wear their rank insignia on their collars. The insignia is found on the two collars unlike other army soldiers who only have their rank insignia on one of their collars.

They also have an insignia, which is used to identify their particular combat arm. The marine arms include armor, infantry, and artillery. When Marines are based in a garrison their uniforms have to include an insignia made of shiny metal, which is affixed on their utility cover. The U.S. Marines wear light-brown boots to match with their desert camouflage. They are only allowed to wear black boots for safety purposes when they are involved in particular tasks like parachuting.

Airman Battle Uniform (ABU) Airman Battle Uniform ABU

The Airman Battle Uniform (ABU) is a distinct camouflage uniform designed for servicemen in the United States Air Force. It can be compared to the ACU in terms of color but the difference is that the Airman Battle uniform includes a slate blue and has a tiger strip camouflage pattern. Soldiers in this branch are required to wear green combat boots made of suede. This uniform has some near-infra red properties and the sleeves are rolled up when worn.

The headwear includes a patrol cap that has several holes. Servicemen deployed in certain locations are required to wear a boonie cover. Soldiers wear a sand t-shirt made of cotton, which is flame-retardant. This military uniform also includes a jacket, which has insignia. The insignia is embroidered on the uniform in blue thread. However, Major and 2nd Lieutenants have insignia embroidered in brown thread. Their names and service are also found on the jacket. Soldiers can wear a rain jacket depending on their location. The rest of the uniform includes a rigger’s belt, and a trouser.

MultiCam Uniform Multicam Uniform

The MultiCam uniform is one of the most popular military uniforms worn in different settings, particularly the middle east. Some of the variations of this uniform are used by the armed forces. The background has some bright and green while the main sections consist of green, yellow, dark brown, and pink combined in the pattern. This creatively-designed camouflage pattern is designed to change and adapt to the surrounding environment. In some cases, this military uniform has small patches in it's design, which are used in large backgrounds. It is used by a section of the U.S. Special Operations Command.

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