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Military-Grade Backpacks for Optimal Utility

Whether you're in the Armed Forces or common civilian, military-grade backpacks offer exceptional utility for all types of purposes. With all of the various options, selecting the optimal pack can be a tough decision.

To help you narrow your search the ideal military backpack to best suit your needs, we highly three of the most functional and highly sought-after options we have available: bugout bags, 3-day packs, and sling packs. Each are unique in their own composition and offer an array of features for a wide range of needs.


Military Bugout Bags

The military bugout bag provides an impressive array of features and it comes in many solid colors, as well as several camo patterns, like ABU, ACU and Multicam. In addition to being well-suited for soldiers in the field, military-grade bugout bags offer a great option for travelers and common use.

The main features of the quality-made bugout bags are: bugout bag

  • internal frames for support
  • highly durable and abrasion-resistant exteriors
  • expandable main compartments
  • padded waist belts for comfort
  • hydration pack compatibility
  • Molle and Pals panels
  • tuck-away shoulder harnesses
  • 1000-D Cordura material composition

This popular military backpack offers the capacity to store numerous items, as it's equipped with many zipper pockets and open slots.

As one of the most popular backpacks given the features and functionality, military bugout bags are reasonably priced starting at $104.99 and moving up to $148.95 for more advanced features.


3-Day Packs

3-day packs are superior backpacks for soldiers who prefer effectiveness and functionality over looks and style. This military-grade backpack delivers incredible comfort and ergonomics, as it includes many design features for optimal portability, such as: 

  • adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • heavy duty carry handle
  • optional waist strap
  • adjustable sternum strap
  • 1000-D Cordura material composition

If functionality and comfort are critical features that you need for long hauls in the field, 3-day packs are great option among the various military backpacks available.

Not only do they last a long time with a durable material composition, but they will help support your endurance by offering complete load stability.

These military-grade backpacks on sale are also available in various colors and camo patterns. 3-day packs range from a bout $99.99 upwards to $124.99 depending on the design and pattern you choose.


Military Sling Packs

Military sling packs are distinguished by their color and camo composition, however they offer the same contemporary, messenger-style design as traditional sling packs.

Sling packs, also referred to as sling bags, are a unique style of backpack that allows for easy access to the main compartment. The sling pack can be spun around to the front of the wearer and unzipped with swiftness.

The primary features that are found on most military sling packs include: military sling pack

  • Quick release single straps
  • Compression straps
  • External pockets and mobile phone case
  • Padded back for comfort
  • Easy carry handle

This unique and highly functional military backpack is great for short ventures as it's light-weight and provides easy access to pockets. The sling pack we offer is $34.99 and is designed with the ACU camouflage pattern.

Whether you go with a military bugout bag, 3-day pack or sling pack, each backpack can help you attain better utility in what you need.

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