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Military Boots for Combat & Casual Occasions

Military Issue Boots

Nowadays, military boots are worn by more than just soldiers in the field. The context of military boots now spans from hunting and recreation to fashion and allure. With a wide array of styles, colors, and textures, common military boots provide purpose and functionality for many different needs and desires. 

The various types of military boots available present many options and many benefits. Some boots are ideal for hot and moist conditions, whereas other military boots are designed for extreme cold weather. Ranging from black leather to suede, explore some of the most popular military boots - for both combat and casual occasions.

Here at Supply Sergeant, we team-up with Military Uniform Supply to offer our customers the widest selection of military boots, regardless of their purpose. Below we highlight some of the most popular military-issue boots we have for sale.


Military BootsMilitary Jungle Boots

Designed to handle the rigorous conditions of jungle combat, military jungle boots are ideal of hot and humid conditions. Jungle boots are highly protective against wetness and moisture, and help keep soldiers dry while trudging through swamps and wet environments.

Most military jungle boots are tailored with durable, impermeable materials. They are typically fashioned with canvas uppers to prevent moisture leaking and offer a lightweight design for easy mobility.


Sage Green Military Boots Sage Military Boots

Sage green military boots are a common style for members of the Air Force, or service members who wear the matching Airman Battle Uniform (ABU). Typically made out of suede, this type of military boot is low-maintenance and offers a wide range of features.

The varieties of sage green combat boots come in steel/safety toe, waterproof and gore-tex, cold weather insulated, and side-zipper options. In addition, the suede composition combined with unique color has taken these military boots to entirely new market. Sage green combat boots are now seen in the fashion industry, and many styles have been designed with heels for women.


Desert Military BootsDesert Tan Military Boots 

Desert tan military Boots are constructed for hot weather conditions such as desert and jungle operations. Also known as hot weather combat boots, desert tan military boots, are equipped with advanced breathing systems to sustain a comfortable foot temperature.

Many designer improvements, such as the Direct Vent, have significantly enhanced the breathability of desert combat boots for soldiers. The composition of the boots with the Direct Vent system is tailored with millions of tiny "pores" that not only contribute to better air flow, but also vents sweat directly outside the boots fabric.


Black Leather Military Boots Black Military Boots

Black leather military boots are amongst the most popular type of military-issue boots for sale. They are also the most common source for inspiration for fashion designers and footwear manufacturers. Many variations of black leather combat boots are seen in hip clothing magazines and on the runways of fashion shows.

Typically tailored from high quality leather, authentic leather combat boots do not require constant polishing. This type of military boot can be worn an entire without having experience much pain or discomfort. In many units of the Armed Force, black leather combat boots are traditionally reserved for special occasions such as a military graduation, wedding, or funeral.


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