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The Ingenious Design Behind the MultiCam Uniform

MultiCam Uniform Set The MultiCam® uniform is composed of unique camouflage design called the Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern, or "OCP." This highly advanced 7-color camouflage of MultiCam offers a significant advantage in the field, for the MultiCam uniform offers ideal concealment in various conditions and seasons.

The MultiCam uniform is one of the most recent additions to the U.S. Military. Not only is MultiCam common in many different materials, but the design itself has taken on numerous variations for certain applications.


Background Behind MultiCam OCP Camouflage

After United States Armed Forces deployed into Afghanistan, there was an immediate concern regarding the camouflage pattern soldiers were wearing. The environment called for a more versatile design, for their current desert BDU's were unsuitable for the variable Middle Eastern terrain. As a result of this apparent need, the MultiCam OCP Uniform was born.

MultiCam UniformMultiCam was developed by Crye Precision along with the help of the US Army Natick Soldier Research Center for the Army Combat Uniform program. The MultiCam pattern was initially created as an experiment to find out whether a single camouflage design could limit the visual and near-IR signature of an individual across a wider spectrum of conditions.

The masterminds of Crye Precision took into consideration various elements including various lighting and seasonal changes. After year and half of testing the pattern with U.S. Army, a finished product was released for authorized military use.


Camouflage Design of the MultiCam Uniform

The MultiCam uniform makes up a highly complex pattern with multiple layers of colors. The background colors of the MultiCam uniform are composed of a brown gradient with slight shades of tan and green mingled between. The more exposed layers of the camouflage resemble a yellow green gradient with hints brown and light pink. MultiCam Camo

From the naked eye, MultiCam uniforms can be highly deceptive in there true color pattern. The ingenious design is known to adapt to well to various backgrounds and lighting, helping to replicate the surround environment via one exceptional pattern. In essence, the effectiveness of the MultiCam OCP is better seen than described.


Componentry of the MultiCam Uniform

MultiCam camouflage has been applied to wide scope of materials for military use, including various textiles, fabrics, and webbing. All of which serve a significant purpose in the make-up of the Army MultiCam Uniform. MultiCam Uniforms

The complete MultiCam uniform set is composed of many pieces of clothing and uniform accessories. From the M-65 field jacket and uniform pants to the flame-resistant army combat shirt, the array of MultiCam components is vast.

One of the most prominent MultiCam uniform components is the field jacket. The field jacket embodies the soldier with unique accessories and emblems, such as unit patches, rank insignia, and name tape. Each of these accessories for the field jacket also come embroidered specifically in MultiCam OCP. This furthers the supply and demand for highly specific MultiCam uniform products.

In addition to the MultiCam field jacket and its attaching accessories, the OCP is also common for headgear and footwear. One of the most advanced applications of the pattern is seen on military-issue army boots. Because these boots are specially engineered for wear in the Middle Eastern terrain, the MultiCam uniform boots are designed as hybrids to promote a more agile, lightweight design.

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