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The Features & Functionality of Propper ACU Pants

Every soldier needs an appropriate pair of pants that offer the right features and functionality. Propper ACU pants are an extraordinary option because they offer an extensive range of styles (to meet specific unit requirements of the U.S. Army and Military,) as well as numerous advantages for the soldiers wearing them. Propper ACU Pants

Propper has produced a wide spectrum of ACU pants, and each of the products are mindfully designed and manufactured using quality materials. The varieties of Propper ACU pants for sale come in many different camouflage patterns (beyond just ACU (or Army Combat Uniform) digital.) These include: MultiCam camo, woodland digital, A-TACS camo, desert digital, and many others.

Primary Features of ACU Pants by Propper™

ACU Pants

ACU Pants produced by Propper™ have forward-tilted cargo pockets, external knee pouches, battle rips, leg cuffs, front closure ties, hook and loop closures, and many other features. This enables soldiers to move freely and function optimally in the field. Some ACU pants are flame resistant, which offers an added layer of protection. ACU pants are also tailored to keep essential field equipment and accessories handy when in need. 

Although unique per each model, the underlying design of Propper ACU pants replicate the combat uniforms of the Marines. Of the most popular models of Propper ACU pants are: ACU digital, woodland digital, MultiCam, and desert digital. Each style is appropriate for different environments (i.e. MultiCam and desert digital are well-suited for the dry arid regions of the Middle East.)

The price of the Propper ACU pants are rather affordable given the abundance of features they offer. Even for military personnel with limited budgets, these ACU pants by Propper offer a great investment that will endure harsh conditions and rugged use.


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