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Different types of military uniforms are worn by specific branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. Each military uniform differs depending on the branch, thus defining specific attributes and qualities ranging from the type of material to the camouflage pattern.

Below we go into detail about the various U.S. Military uniforms, and what makes them unique for each branch. Many of these can be found here at SupplySergeant.com or at our parent company website Military Uniform Supply.

Army Combat Uniform (ACU)

Army Combat Uniform (ACU)The Army Combat Uniform (ACU) is the standard uniform used by the United States Army for the field. It has a Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) that combines green, tan and gray in digital camo pattern. 

United States servicemen use this military uniform for urban, desert, and woodland settings. The complete uniform is worn with a specific type of t-shirt, pants, jacket, black headgear, and tan military boots. Servicemen can also be required to wear matching caps, but the type of headgear is determined by the commander in charge of the unit. All soldiers are permitted to wear the ACU regardless of their unit.

Standard ACU: Common Military Uniforms

Standard ACU is worn by all soldiers in the army including the National Guard, Active, and Reserve servicemen. It is worn with a black beret where a soldier’s skill badges are pinned. Soldiers in the standard uniform are also required to wear a Velcro-backed ranked insignia.

Soldiers wear tan t-shirts under their jackets. A tan belt is also part of the uniform. Black or green socks are worn with the standard ACU uniform. Combat boots complete the military uniform for all army servicemen. The only exception for the footwear is for soldiers who are pregnant or injured.

Desert Marine Uniform Desert ACU Military Uniform

The Marines wear a distinct camouflage pattern for use in desert environments. The uniform includes a hat, which is part of their utility uniform. It is different compared to what is worn by other army servicemen because it has eight corners and sides. Marines wear brown undershirts with their desert camouflage. Their trouser cuffs are rolled back and tightened over their boots.

Unlike other servicemen, the Marines do not have rank insignia, and their utility jackets do not have devices. The only item on the front of their utility covers is an Anchor, Globe, and Marine Corps Eagle emblem. Marines are expected to wear their rank insignia on their collars. The insignia is found on the two collars unlike other army soldiers who only have their rank insignia on one of their collars.

They also have an insignia, which is used to identify their particular combat arm. The marine arms include armor, infantry, and artillery. When Marines are based in a garrison their uniforms have to include an insignia made of shiny metal, which is affixed on their utility cover. The U.S. Marines wear light-brown boots to match with their desert camouflage. They are only allowed to wear black boots for safety purposes when they are involved in particular tasks like parachuting.

Airman Battle Uniform (ABU) Airman Battle Uniform ABU

The Airman Battle Uniform (ABU) is a distinct camouflage uniform designed for servicemen in the United States Air Force. It can be compared to the ACU in terms of color but the difference is that the Airman Battle uniform includes a slate blue and has a tiger strip camouflage pattern. Soldiers in this branch are required to wear green combat boots made of suede. This uniform has some near-infra red properties and the sleeves are rolled up when worn.

The headwear includes a patrol cap that has several holes. Servicemen deployed in certain locations are required to wear a boonie cover. Soldiers wear a sand t-shirt made of cotton, which is flame-retardant. This military uniform also includes a jacket, which has insignia. The insignia is embroidered on the uniform in blue thread. However, Major and 2nd Lieutenants have insignia embroidered in brown thread. Their names and service are also found on the jacket. Soldiers can wear a rain jacket depending on their location. The rest of the uniform includes a rigger’s belt, and a trouser.

MultiCam Uniform Multicam Uniform

The MultiCam uniform is one of the most popular military uniforms worn in different settings, particularly the middle east. Some of the variations of this uniform are used by the armed forces. The background has some bright and green while the main sections consist of green, yellow, dark brown, and pink combined in the pattern. This creatively-designed camouflage pattern is designed to change and adapt to the surrounding environment. In some cases, this military uniform has small patches in it's design, which are used in large backgrounds. It is used by a section of the U.S. Special Operations Command.

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The Features & Functionality of Propper ACU Pants

Every soldier needs an appropriate pair of pants that offer the right features and functionality. Propper ACU pants are an extraordinary option because they offer an extensive range of styles (to meet specific unit requirements of the U.S. Army and Military,) as well as numerous advantages for the soldiers wearing them. Propper ACU Pants

Propper has produced a wide spectrum of ACU pants, and each of the products are mindfully designed and manufactured using quality materials. The varieties of Propper ACU pants for sale come in many different camouflage patterns (beyond just ACU (or Army Combat Uniform) digital.) These include: MultiCam camo, woodland digital, A-TACS camo, desert digital, and many others.

Primary Features of ACU Pants by Propper™

ACU Pants

ACU Pants produced by Propper™ have forward-tilted cargo pockets, external knee pouches, battle rips, leg cuffs, front closure ties, hook and loop closures, and many other features. This enables soldiers to move freely and function optimally in the field. Some ACU pants are flame resistant, which offers an added layer of protection. ACU pants are also tailored to keep essential field equipment and accessories handy when in need. 

Although unique per each model, the underlying design of Propper ACU pants replicate the combat uniforms of the Marines. Of the most popular models of Propper ACU pants are: ACU digital, woodland digital, MultiCam, and desert digital. Each style is appropriate for different environments (i.e. MultiCam and desert digital are well-suited for the dry arid regions of the Middle East.)

The price of the Propper ACU pants are rather affordable given the abundance of features they offer. Even for military personnel with limited budgets, these ACU pants by Propper offer a great investment that will endure harsh conditions and rugged use.

Where to Find Authentic Civil War Reenactment Clothing

Civil War Reenactment Clothing

Each historical period in the history of a country evokes memories of unique clothes and accessories. Clothing and attire plays an important role in influencing the habits and memories of individuals. The American Civil War era is considered to be one of the most important and influential periods in the history of the United States. This era boasted elegant and appealing clothes, military uniforms, and accessories.

Do you want to relive the Civil War era or have an interest in the proper clothing and uniform accessories of that time period? Do you have a taste for vintage Civil War reenactment clothing and accessories?

It's not easy to find reliable and authentic reenactment clothing from such historical time periods. Purchasing authentic military clothing and uniforms can be a difficult task for most people. Worry not, for authentic Civil War reenactment clothing, uniforms, and accessories are available with great deals at our parent website Military Uniform Supply, Inc.

Military Uniform Supply provides a wonderful lesson in history with its diversified collection of historic clothing and uniforms. All clothes and uniforms are designed with an emphasis on craftsmanship and historical authenticity. The Civil War reenactment clothing at Military Uniform Supply is designed to evoke memories of a bygone era.

MUS also offers an array of other Civil War memorabilia which supplements the historical experience that you gain when wearing our clothes and uniforms. You can find Civil War brass buttons as well as leather components that are designed to offer authenticity to clothing and uniforms. All Civil War reenactment clothing is based upon authentic replicas that are close to the original item as it is possible. The materials that are used reflect the closest thing to the original items. The patterns from original items are also replicated to further enhance the historical authenticity of the products.

civil war hatAt MUS, we have Civil War Union and Confederate uniforms along with authentic footwear of that time period. We strive to provide original reenactment clothing of the with an emphasis on quality and excellence. Each Confederate and Union Civil War uniform package can be customized with additional accessories like chevrons and brass buttons. We have Civil War reenactment clothing that is customized with authentic Civil War era hats and footwear. This helps to create high levels of originality with respect to uniforms and accessories. We have leather accessories that are designed to match the elegance of clothing and uniforms.

Military Uniform Supply has always focused on quality products at cost effective rates. Our core business philosophy is based upon meeting customer needs in an original and authentic manner. We have pride in the fact that we aspire to be the best in the industry rather than the largest. This is achieved with our unswerving commitment towards excellence and satisfaction. We make sure to maintain the highest levels of quality so that we can gain long term partnerships with our customers. Our goal is to use our reputation to increase our number of customers. Please check out our website for further details that can help you in making superior decisions!

Kid's Military Uniforms in Many Styles

Kid's military uniforms have been around for a long time. The first military uniforms for children originated among the aristocratic and military classes of Europe, and were often found among military academies where children are conditioned to wear such apparel to better acclimate them to military tradition. Kid's Military Uniforms

Over the years however, children's military uniforms have evolved beyond the military milieu, and they are now mostly worn as costumes for parties, plays and skits.

What makes kid's military uniforms very popular is that they are both practical and customizable. For example, most packages and sets of kid's military uniforms can have custom name tapes and tags, which can be inscribed with the child's name. They can also custom unit patches as well as personalized ranks.

Moreover, different camo designs can be chosen to fit the child's tastes or the needs of a particular costume party. These uniforms can be worn as a set or combined with other costumes to make something completely unique. For example, if your kid wants to dress up as a ninja, dark colored camo pants and jackets are often good substitutes if you can't find a complete ninja costume set.

Aside from being used as a costume, it's also worth mentioning that kid's military uniforms are designed to be similar to regular military uniforms, and although they may not be as durable, they are certainly quite tough on their own. What this means is that you won't have to hide the uniform in a closet somewhere like other costumes.

The jacket, pants and boots can be worn separately during camping trips, excursions or outdoor activities. This durability allows these kinds of apparel to have a certain degree of versatility, which are often absent in most other types of costumes.

Aside from their uses and main features, it's also worth remembering that there are different kinds of kid's military uniforms. There are ACU uniforms, BDU uniforms, ABU uniforms, DCU uniforms, camo jackets and pants, as well as various types of accessories. Different military uniforms essentially share the same look, but they do have certain characteristics and features which set them apart from each other.

Take the Kid's ACU uniform package for example. ACU stands for Army Combat Uniform, and although the ACU uniform package offers the same look as the original military Army Combat Uniform, it has a few distinctive features of its own. The package includes a set of Kid's ACU uniform jackets and pants, but what's really important is the replica ACU T-shirt, which is designed to look like an authentic Army Combat Uniform shirt. Other features include a personalized ACU name tape, a flag patch as well as 2 random, but authentic army unit patches.

What matters in choosing a particular type of package is the authenticity. If you want your kid to dress up as a Delta Force personnel then getting the right ACU package will give him that authentic look he needs. Military uniforms are fun, exciting and completely unique, but what's even more important is that they honor the tradition and authenticity of military life.

Military Boots for Combat & Casual Occasions

Military Issue Boots

Nowadays, military boots are worn by more than just soldiers in the field. The context of military boots now spans from hunting and recreation to fashion and allure. With a wide array of styles, colors, and textures, common military boots provide purpose and functionality for many different needs and desires. 

The various types of military boots available present many options and many benefits. Some boots are ideal for hot and moist conditions, whereas other military boots are designed for extreme cold weather. Ranging from black leather to suede, explore some of the most popular military boots - for both combat and casual occasions.

Here at Supply Sergeant, we team-up with Military Uniform Supply to offer our customers the widest selection of military boots, regardless of their purpose. Below we highlight some of the most popular military-issue boots we have for sale.


Military BootsMilitary Jungle Boots

Designed to handle the rigorous conditions of jungle combat, military jungle boots are ideal of hot and humid conditions. Jungle boots are highly protective against wetness and moisture, and help keep soldiers dry while trudging through swamps and wet environments.

Most military jungle boots are tailored with durable, impermeable materials. They are typically fashioned with canvas uppers to prevent moisture leaking and offer a lightweight design for easy mobility.


Sage Green Military Boots Sage Military Boots

Sage green military boots are a common style for members of the Air Force, or service members who wear the matching Airman Battle Uniform (ABU). Typically made out of suede, this type of military boot is low-maintenance and offers a wide range of features.

The varieties of sage green combat boots come in steel/safety toe, waterproof and gore-tex, cold weather insulated, and side-zipper options. In addition, the suede composition combined with unique color has taken these military boots to entirely new market. Sage green combat boots are now seen in the fashion industry, and many styles have been designed with heels for women.


Desert Military BootsDesert Tan Military Boots 

Desert tan military Boots are constructed for hot weather conditions such as desert and jungle operations. Also known as hot weather combat boots, desert tan military boots, are equipped with advanced breathing systems to sustain a comfortable foot temperature.

Many designer improvements, such as the Direct Vent, have significantly enhanced the breathability of desert combat boots for soldiers. The composition of the boots with the Direct Vent system is tailored with millions of tiny "pores" that not only contribute to better air flow, but also vents sweat directly outside the boots fabric.


Black Leather Military Boots Black Military Boots

Black leather military boots are amongst the most popular type of military-issue boots for sale. They are also the most common source for inspiration for fashion designers and footwear manufacturers. Many variations of black leather combat boots are seen in hip clothing magazines and on the runways of fashion shows.

Typically tailored from high quality leather, authentic leather combat boots do not require constant polishing. This type of military boot can be worn an entire without having experience much pain or discomfort. In many units of the Armed Force, black leather combat boots are traditionally reserved for special occasions such as a military graduation, wedding, or funeral.

Army Combat Shirts: Offering Optimal Utility & Protection

Tailored for army units wearing the ACU, members of the air force sporting the ABU, or tactical teams needing a high performance shirt, army combat shirts deliver optimal utility and protection in many siutations.

With baselayer constructed of Cordura®, a no-melt and no-drop fabric, army combat shirts significanly help reduce the severity of burn injuries from flash fires. As far as utility goes, most military-issue army combat shirts offer zippered sleeve storage pockets as well as loop-on sleeve pockets to easily attach name tapes, rank and flag patches.

To learn more about army combat shirts, check out this video by Military Uniform Supply. They explain the features and functionality of today's army combat shirts in great detail.

Most army combat shirts come in sizes ranging from small to 2XL. They also come in a spectrum of colors, such as black for tactical situations or khaki for desert landscapes, as well as camouflage sleeves, such as ABU, MultiCam, Army ACU combat shirts .

For more information on army combat shirts and other forms of tactical and combat gear, visit this page at Supply Sergeant.

Military-Grade Backpacks for Optimal Utility

Whether you're in the Armed Forces or common civilian, military-grade backpacks offer exceptional utility for all types of purposes. With all of the various options, selecting the optimal pack can be a tough decision.

To help you narrow your search the ideal military backpack to best suit your needs, we highly three of the most functional and highly sought-after options we have available: bugout bags, 3-day packs, and sling packs. Each are unique in their own composition and offer an array of features for a wide range of needs.


Military Bugout Bags

The military bugout bag provides an impressive array of features and it comes in many solid colors, as well as several camo patterns, like ABU, ACU and Multicam. In addition to being well-suited for soldiers in the field, military-grade bugout bags offer a great option for travelers and common use.

The main features of the quality-made bugout bags are: bugout bag

  • internal frames for support
  • highly durable and abrasion-resistant exteriors
  • expandable main compartments
  • padded waist belts for comfort
  • hydration pack compatibility
  • Molle and Pals panels
  • tuck-away shoulder harnesses
  • 1000-D Cordura material composition

This popular military backpack offers the capacity to store numerous items, as it's equipped with many zipper pockets and open slots.

As one of the most popular backpacks given the features and functionality, military bugout bags are reasonably priced starting at $104.99 and moving up to $148.95 for more advanced features.


3-Day Packs

3-day packs are superior backpacks for soldiers who prefer effectiveness and functionality over looks and style. This military-grade backpack delivers incredible comfort and ergonomics, as it includes many design features for optimal portability, such as: 

  • adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • heavy duty carry handle
  • optional waist strap
  • adjustable sternum strap
  • 1000-D Cordura material composition

If functionality and comfort are critical features that you need for long hauls in the field, 3-day packs are great option among the various military backpacks available.

Not only do they last a long time with a durable material composition, but they will help support your endurance by offering complete load stability.

These military-grade backpacks on sale are also available in various colors and camo patterns. 3-day packs range from a bout $99.99 upwards to $124.99 depending on the design and pattern you choose.


Military Sling Packs

Military sling packs are distinguished by their color and camo composition, however they offer the same contemporary, messenger-style design as traditional sling packs.

Sling packs, also referred to as sling bags, are a unique style of backpack that allows for easy access to the main compartment. The sling pack can be spun around to the front of the wearer and unzipped with swiftness.

The primary features that are found on most military sling packs include: military sling pack

  • Quick release single straps
  • Compression straps
  • External pockets and mobile phone case
  • Padded back for comfort
  • Easy carry handle

This unique and highly functional military backpack is great for short ventures as it's light-weight and provides easy access to pockets. The sling pack we offer is $34.99 and is designed with the ACU camouflage pattern.

Whether you go with a military bugout bag, 3-day pack or sling pack, each backpack can help you attain better utility in what you need.

To find these military backpacks for sale, including many more, visit Military Uniform Supply  where they offer a huge selection of military-grade backpacks in various colors and camo patterns.

Need Kid's Halloween Costume Ideas? Try Authentic Army Uniform Costumes!

Choosing the ideal Halloween costume with your kid might seem a real challenge as there are numerous options available. If you need Halloween costumes ideas for your kid, how about an authentic army or military costumes?

Kids, especially young boys, love dressing up like superheroes and soldiers, so your little one could thrive during Halloween with one our kids army costume packagesBoy Army Costumes

There are a number of different girls and boys army costumes available for your kid, especially if he or she wants to become a real soldier for Halloween. Equipped with everything you need, each army costume packages is a replica of the uniforms worn be real military soldiers.

All our girls and boys army costume packages include every piece of clothing and accessories your child needs in order to dress like a soldier: camouflage jacket, pants, t-shirt, ball cap, name tape, personalized branch tape, U.S. flag patch, amy patches and sew-on rank insignia. Depending on the kids army costume you choose, you can get various other items and you are also able to customize the existent ones.

One of the main benefits of these girls and boys army costumes is that they offer you the unique opportunity to customize the name on the uniform's name tape instead of getting a random name. Additionally, you can choose to have the patches sewed on to the costume for small extra fee. This represents a very good choice if you want to offer your kid a personalized army uniform for his or her Halloween costume.

Our army Halloween costumes of kids guarantee you only reliability and high quality, as they were carefully crafted and sewed to military-grade standards. These costumes are very durable and resistant, so you do not have to worry about it easily falling a part in the near future. And because these girls and boys army costumes are authentic and similar to the real army uniforms, your child will get an incredible feeling of being a real soldier while wearing them.

The last benefit of these kids army Halloween costumes is the exceptional value at very affordable price. Whether your Halloween costume budget is higher or lower, the average cost of a costume package is reasonably priced compared to most other kids costumes available. Additionally, these girls and boys army costumes can be easily used for other events in the future.

If you do not know which army Halloween costume to choose for your child, you can explore a number of different options available at Military Uniform Supply. Here you can see a wide range of choices, along with a reasonable range of prices, ideal for your budget. They even have army and military Halloween costumes for men and women. Your little one will love Halloween even more than ever with one of these authentic army uniform costumes.

The Ingenious Design Behind the MultiCam Uniform

MultiCam Uniform Set The MultiCam® uniform is composed of unique camouflage design called the Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern, or "OCP." This highly advanced 7-color camouflage of MultiCam offers a significant advantage in the field, for the MultiCam uniform offers ideal concealment in various conditions and seasons.

The MultiCam uniform is one of the most recent additions to the U.S. Military. Not only is MultiCam common in many different materials, but the design itself has taken on numerous variations for certain applications.


Background Behind MultiCam OCP Camouflage

After United States Armed Forces deployed into Afghanistan, there was an immediate concern regarding the camouflage pattern soldiers were wearing. The environment called for a more versatile design, for their current desert BDU's were unsuitable for the variable Middle Eastern terrain. As a result of this apparent need, the MultiCam OCP Uniform was born.

MultiCam UniformMultiCam was developed by Crye Precision along with the help of the US Army Natick Soldier Research Center for the Army Combat Uniform program. The MultiCam pattern was initially created as an experiment to find out whether a single camouflage design could limit the visual and near-IR signature of an individual across a wider spectrum of conditions.

The masterminds of Crye Precision took into consideration various elements including various lighting and seasonal changes. After year and half of testing the pattern with U.S. Army, a finished product was released for authorized military use.


Camouflage Design of the MultiCam Uniform

The MultiCam uniform makes up a highly complex pattern with multiple layers of colors. The background colors of the MultiCam uniform are composed of a brown gradient with slight shades of tan and green mingled between. The more exposed layers of the camouflage resemble a yellow green gradient with hints brown and light pink. MultiCam Camo

From the naked eye, MultiCam uniforms can be highly deceptive in there true color pattern. The ingenious design is known to adapt to well to various backgrounds and lighting, helping to replicate the surround environment via one exceptional pattern. In essence, the effectiveness of the MultiCam OCP is better seen than described.


Componentry of the MultiCam Uniform

MultiCam camouflage has been applied to wide scope of materials for military use, including various textiles, fabrics, and webbing. All of which serve a significant purpose in the make-up of the Army MultiCam Uniform. MultiCam Uniforms

The complete MultiCam uniform set is composed of many pieces of clothing and uniform accessories. From the M-65 field jacket and uniform pants to the flame-resistant army combat shirt, the array of MultiCam components is vast.

One of the most prominent MultiCam uniform components is the field jacket. The field jacket embodies the soldier with unique accessories and emblems, such as unit patches, rank insignia, and name tape. Each of these accessories for the field jacket also come embroidered specifically in MultiCam OCP. This furthers the supply and demand for highly specific MultiCam uniform products.

In addition to the MultiCam field jacket and its attaching accessories, the OCP is also common for headgear and footwear. One of the most advanced applications of the pattern is seen on military-issue army boots. Because these boots are specially engineered for wear in the Middle Eastern terrain, the MultiCam uniform boots are designed as hybrids to promote a more agile, lightweight design.

To learn more about the MultiCam uniform or to purchase MultiCam uniforms for sale, visit Military Uniform Supply our parent company that offers a wide range of military-issue uniforms.

The Advanced Systems Used to Build Today's Military-issue Boots

Top quality military-issue boots are an essential aspect of today’s military personnel. The terrain in which soldiers embrace constantly varies, in addition to climate and application in which cretin troops face.

Advancements in the technology used for military boots not only make soldiers more effective in the field, but also safe and more comfortable. Military boots protect the feet from elements like moisture, all the while delivering the much needed support to adapt and thrive. Military Issue Boots

In this article, we highlight some of the most important technologies and systems used in today's military issue boots for sale on the market.



Cordura is an advanced fabric that's known for its exceptional durability and resistance to abrasions and scuffs. Cordura is tailored from nylon, make most "uppers" on military boots (the most common application of Cordura) tear resistant, lightweight, and highly durable.



Common in many other boots beyond military-issue boots, Thinsulate™ is known for "warm without bulk" boots and footwear products. With Thinsulate's micro-fiber design, the insulation of Thinsulate-made boods are ideal for trapping and retaining body heat. This offers an exceptional solution for cold weather combat situations.



As one of the most common systems in today's market of military-issue boots for sale, GORE-TEX® offers reliable waterproof protection that's versatile in various climates. As a highly breathable fabric GORE-TEX is designed to detract water and moisture from entering military boots while allowing perspiration to escape. This highly desired combination of both insulation and breath-ability keeps feet dry while maximizing comfort.


Specifically engineered for the extreme and varied demands of military-issue boots. MeraMAX® is a durable outsole made from polyurethane elastomer. Applied to many different types of military boots, MeraMAX promotes a boot design that's lightweight, heat and flame resistant, slip resistant, flexible, shock absorbing, and highly comfortable.


Most of today's military-issue boots for sale on the market are designed with these advanced systems of footwear technologies. To learn more, you can check out Military Uniform Supply's military boots for sale, which is our parent company of military products. There you can learn more about various types of military boots and the ideal applications used for each.